The Power of Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the most profound experiences we can have as human beings. We are often dealing with a mind that's full of thoughts, that we can barely keep track of.  As we develop our practice of meditation, our consciousness deepens and we can tune into the moment with clarity. It's this clarity of attention that allows a heightened sense of value and intuition that provides an ability to clearly live from the heart and enjoy life more fully.

Everything we do in life, becomes deeper, richer and more alive when we learn to be conscious. It creates a more meaningful experience and allows for the power of the moment to shine forth.

Meditation is no "quick fix", however it does not take much practice to experience a taste of its powerful benefits. It's also not surprising to hear people feel more relaxed, stress-free and technically a bit happier, after a session.  The idea is to make meditation a tool that you can practice on a daily basis, till it naturally becomes a part of your lifestyle. Doing so, will truly provide long-lasting effects that will exude directly from within you and into your life experiences.

The realm of consciousness is much vaster than thought can grasp. When you no longer believe everything you think, you step out of thought and see clearly that the thinker is not who you are.
— Eckhart Tolle